Farm Mission/Vision statement:

To produce high quality milk in a safe and enjoyable work environment.


Farm Missions

To be brilliant at the basics.
    • Staff management
    • Herd Health
    • Fertility
    • Grass production

To empower employees to achieve their potential by creating a positive environment in which to work.

To achieve the best milk production possible within the constraints of the grass grown on the farm introducing supplementation only when required.

To control the cost of production to achieve a system that is profitable and sustainable at all milk prices.

To minimise the amount of human work required to achieve the production and the profit through allowing the cows to graze as much grass as possible.

To maintain a tight calving pattern with 50% of the herd calving in 15 days and a six week in calf rate of greater than 80%.

To grow as much grass on the farm as possible.

To maintain a healthy and happy herd

To allow flexibility for all involved in the business to achieve a good work life balance.