Job Vacancy: Filled

Moore Hill Farm Manager


This role has been filled:  We would like to congratulate Trevor Clare and Oisin Shannon who have joined Esther’s management team. Trevor and Oisin will be managing the Moore hill and Lismore farms and we hope that they will enjoy their time with us.


This is a great opportunity to grow as a dairy farm manager by working in a team environment on a well developed farm with support from an estate manager and the farm owner.

Moore Hill

Moore hill farm set up:

  • Milking 600 cows
  • through a 50 unit milfos parlour with cluster removers
  • on a milking platform of 196 ha
  • at a stocking rate of 3.1 cows/ha

This farm is exceptionally well set up, it was converted from a tillage farm in 2009/10 and has excellent infrastructure.

The farm has a young herd as all the heifers that calve in February are milked here.

Calves are all reared in lismore until weaned then are moved to a support block so this is a cows only farm.


The farm is growing 12-14t of DM/ha but we feel there is potential to improve this.

The average age of the herd is 2.3 lactation and is producing 420 kgs/solids/cow or 1200 ks/ha from 700kg of purchased feed.

the herd has been in the top 500 SCC herds in the country since the award started.


We aim to have 80% of the cows pregnant in 6 week which means calving is full on but does not drag on into breeding.

We have had an empty rate on this farm as low as 1% but generally the empty rate is running around 4 to 6%


  • 139: over all EBI
  • 35: for milk
  • 60: for Fertility
  • 29: for maintenance

this puts us in the top 100 herd in the country.

Job description:

You would be responsible for the day to day running of the farm:

  • Organising the daily routine and managing staff.
  • Prioritising the daily jobs and making sure they get done.
  • Grassland management,
  • Animal health
  • Calving and breeding
  • Parlour and milking hygiene
  • Health and safety on the farm

Note this is not just a milking role there will be certain time of the year you will be required to milk twice a day but the majority of the time if you have organised your self correctly you should only be in the parlour once a day to keep on top of heard health, breeding etc

This will be done in conjunction with regular meetings between the applicant and Esther or the farm owner if Esther is unavailable

To be considered for the position the candidates will be trustworthy and reliable with a desire to learn and progress, they will need to have good communication skills and wish to work with people and stock.The candidate will require 2 years grassland management experience and if applying from out side the EU will require the correct documentation to work in Ireland.

The farm is located 45 minutes from cork city: 30 mins from Dungarvan and the nearest town, Tallow, is 3 miles away.

Breaking the role down by season:

Jan to April:

Stock management: making sure cows are healthy i.e mastitis lameness, in the correct condition score, organising and drafting out springing cows, watching for signs of calving and calving cows, grassland measurement , feed allocation, milking and scc monitoring.

Mid April to June:

fertility performance Heat detection ,Tail painting, Drafting cows in heat , grassland management, Doing a farm grass walk as often as is required in the main growing season recognising surpluses or deficits, cow condition. Doing a condition score for the herd and making decisions together with Esther on what to do with cows in a lower condition score and cow performance making sure cows are fully fed at all times and cows yields and milk solids are increasing. yields/solids should not drop at this time of year.

June to Aug:

This is holiday time you will cover the two farms re grassland management while Esther is off and she will cover Moore Hill while you take some holiday. While Esther is away you would have overall responsibility for all stock and staff on the farm reporting directly to the owner.

Sept to Dec:

grassland management (building cover and closing up paddocks for following spring), cow condition Doing a condition score for the herd and making decisions together with Esther on what to do with cows in a lower condition score cow performance, milking and scc monitoring Drying cows off Dosing etc

Throughout this time you will be responsible for farm records specifically vet and med records and other records required under the cross compliance, these are all things that will be taught to you and are process driven.

The package

Accomodation is part of a competitive remuneration package with rostered time off 12 on 2 off for calving and breeding and 10 on 4 off the remainder of the season. there are 30 days holidays including bank holidays. Your wages will be transferred direct to you bank account by the 1st of each month.

We thank you at this time for your inquiry.

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