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CellCheck Newsletter – Animal Health Ireland The development of their mastitis control plan was initially established for the Lismore herd. Shane and Esther, in consultation with a vet with a specific interest in SCC/mastitis control, developed protocols and a change of attitude in their approach to mastitis control which are …

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Successfully managing large dairy

Shane Maxwell and his team of staff at Moorehill Farm, Tallow, Co. Waterford. Included are Esther Waslh, Farm Manager,farms is all about managing people.
As herd sizes grow, making the
transition from managing stock and
working on your own, to employing
people and delegating responsibility
can be daunting.

One family with generations of
experience of managing people are
the Maxwells of Moore Hill, near Tallow, Co Waterford. When Shane Maxwell returned home to take over the family farms in 2001, he took over a sizeable business.
The dairy farm at Lismore had a herd of 360 cows, while the home farm seven miles away at Moore Hill had a 900ac tillage and 1,200-ewe sheep enterprise alongside apple orchards and grain storage. At the time the Maxwells were in partnership…………………to continue reading click .Max power farmers journal