About Us


West Waterford near Tallow and Lismore Co. Waterford.

Production System:

Grass based Dairy system.

Calving System:

Block Spring Calving.

Planned to start the cows calving on the 1st Feb.

Cow type:

X bread herd: based on New Zealand genetics.

Top 200 EBI herd

Production targets

We aim to consistently grow 12-14 tons of grass per ha

Produce 450kg of milk solids per cow, 1,300kg milk solid per ha

From 600-700kgs of purchased feed

80% of cows in calf @ 6 weeks

Two Milking Platforms:

Lismore: 420 cows on 135 ha stocked @ 3.1 cow/ha


Moore Hill: 600 cows on 196ha stocked at 3.1cows/ha